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Wild Life Middle East

Declan O'Donovan

  • Dip.H.Ed., B.Sc., Pg.Dip., M.Sc., CBiol, MSB, Director of Wildlife Services, Wadi Al Safa Wildlife Centre, Dubai.
  • Over 20 years experience as an animal curator/manager in Ireland, Australia, Middle East
  • Established Wadi Al Safa Wildlife Centre (1998).
  • MSc (Conservation Biology).
  • Completed an MSc in Conservation Biology at the Manchester Metropolitan University in 2004 with a research project entitled "Some Biological and Morphological Parameters in the Arabian oryx (Oryx leucoryx)"
  • Involved in European Endangered Species breeding programmes.
  • Coordinator of the Arabian Ungulate Group.
  • Declan has been involved with managing captive and semi-free-living wildlife in Europe and the Middle East for over a decade and has experience in animal
capture and transport, the development of zoological institutional collection plans, staff recruitment and training, pest control, wildlife nutrition, facility and exhibit design and the demographic management of captive populations.


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