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Layout Instructions

Please follow them exactly
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Title (Franklin Gothic Book 12 font, bold, small capitals, left aligned)

eg. Husbandry and Management of Captive Cheetahs in the Middle East

-- One empty line 10 font --

Authors (Franklin Gothic Book 10 font, bold, italics, left aligned)>>

eg. Sean McKeown1 & Declan O'Donovan2

-- One empty line 9 font --

Affiliation (Franklin Gothic Book 8 font, only the corresponding author complete, the others only name of institute, city and country, left aligned, e-mail address is desirable)

eg Affiliation:
1Sheikh Butti al Maktoum Breeding Centre, Dubai, UAE., 2Wadi Al Safa Wildlife Centre, PO Box,  Dubai, UAE.

 -- One empty line 9 font --

Keywords (Franklin Gothic Book 9 font, Please include at least 5 Keywords that are representative of the content of the article)

-- One empty line 9 font --

Body text (Franklin Gothic Book 9, single spaced, bold headings, justified body text).  Text of the article should be divided into appropriate headings. Main headings should be written in capitals. Subheadings should appear as italic with the text running on.  Whole numbers one to ten should be spelled out and number 11 onwards given in numerals. Full binomial names should be given on first occasion an organism is mentioned, and abbreviated thereafter, except at the beginning of a sentence e.g. Wadi racer (Platyceps rhodorachus). Common names of organisms should have an initial capital letter: e.g. Sand gazelle, Sand fox etc. Be consistent.

Our article summarises the management of cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) in captivity in the Middle East...............

Photo's - All photos should be the copyright of the author and should wherever possible include the name of the person or institution which should be credited for the image.  WME News reserves the right to use the images accepted for publication within the website for display purposes only. 

Tables - Franklin Gothic Book 9 font, bold column headings, single spaced, see example for headings, left aligned and placed in the body of the text.>>

Table 1.  Population of cheetahs in breeding centres in the Middle East.  



Number of Cheetahs

Wadi al Safa Wildlife Centre

United Arab Emirates





-- One empty line 9 font --

Acknowledgements (Franklin Gothic Book 8 font, bold heading left aligned, justified body text) should be given as a brief list at the end of the text under a separate heading.

We thank K. O'Donovan for his technical assistance

-- One empty line 9 font -- 

All literature quoted must be listed in alphabetical order of author names at the end of the manuscript.  Use the Harvard system. Name(s), followed by initial(s) of authors. Year of publication. If the author has more than one publication in that year follow year by a b or c.  Title of paper. Title of Journal in italics. This can be abbreviated according to convention. Volume number in bold. Number of first and last page in article. No pp prefix.


Journal Articles
Forbes, N.A., Hingston, S. and Zsivanovits, H.P.  2000. Falcon herpesvirus in the UK. Veterinary Record. 147: 492-493.

Conference proceedings
Johannknecht, S., Grund, C.H., Grimmm, F. and Wernery, U.  2001. Prevalence of latent herpesvirus infection in birds of prey. Proceedings of the conference of the European Community of the Association of Avian Veterinarians (EAAV). Munich. Germany. 215-219.

Remple, D. 2000. Considerations on the production of a safe and efficacious falcon herpesvirus vaccine. In: Lumeij, J.T., D. Remple, P.T. Redig, M. Lierz, and J.E. Cooper (eds). Raptor Biomedicine III. Zoological Education Network. Inc. Lake Worth. Florida. USA. 13-24.

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