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Volume 7 Issue 2 of WME Newsletter is now available for Download
 WME News
WME News
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Wild Life Middle East
Contributing to Wildlife Middle East News

We are interested to hear from individuals, institutions, zoos and conservation projects working with wildlife within the Middle East region or with wildlife species from the Middle East managed outside the region. If you have interesting findings, news or observations please submit or request further information from the editors.


The newsletter publishes articles with an emphasis on practical, useful and relevant material.  Categories include:

  • Conservation education & environmental awareness.
  • Husbandry & nutrition.
  • Design of zoological facilities.
  • Capture and translocation techniques.
  • Wildlife diseases and preventive medicine.
  • Products, book reviews & research.
  • Summaries of recent literature on Arabian animals.
  • Letters, news and events.

Editorial Disclaimer

Contributions to Wildlife Middle East News are not refereed; although every effort is made to ensure the information contained within the newsletter is correct, the editors cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of contributions.  Opinions expressed within are those of the individual and not necessarily shared by the editors.


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