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Volume 7 Issue 2 of WME Newsletter is now available for Download
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WME News
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Supporting Articles

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Supporting articles for Newsletter [Volume 2 - Issue 2 - October 2007]

M. Zafar-ul Islam, Mohammed Basheer P., Moayyad Sher Shah, Hajid al-Subai and Mohammad Shobrak, Conservation efforts to restore the houbara bustard (Chlamydotis macqueeni) population in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Newby, John, Saving Saharan wildlifeKinne, J., Joseph, M.  and Wernery, U,  Amyloidosis caused by gastric candidiasis in captive Stone curlews (Burhinus oedicnemus) in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)

Newby, J., Sahelo-Saharan Interest Group Amrita Deb and Sven Hammer,  ZRC - Zoo Research Camp 2007

Martin-Jurado, O., Hammer, C. and Hammer, S.(2007) Beira (Dorcatragus megalotis) immobilisation in Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation, European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians Conference, May 2007, Edinburgh, pp 293-295. Wenger, S., Silvanose, C., O’Donovan, D. & Bailey, T.A.  (2007)  Plasma protein electrophoresis in clinically healthy Asian Houbara Bustards (Chlamydotis undulata macqueenii) using high resolution agarose gel electrophoresis.  European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians Conference, May 2007, Edinburgh Pp 339-340.Kent, J., Bailey, T.A., Silvanose, C.D., McKeown, S., Wernery, U., Kinne, J., &  Manvell, R. (2006)  An outbreak of low pathogenic avian influenza in a mixed-species aviculture unit in Dubai in 2005.  Veterinary Clinics of North America.  9(3):523-31.

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