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Volume 7 Issue 2 of WME Newsletter is now available for Download
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Supporting Articles

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Supporting articles for Newsletter [Volume 2 - Issue 3 - December 2007]

Birdlife International - Middle East Division, Continuing efforts for the survival of the Syrian Northern Bald Ibis colonyMurn, C., Khan, U. and Farid., F.Pakistan's Gyps Vulture Restoration ProjectLloyd, C and Stidworthy, M., Coxiella burnetii  (Q-fever) Infection in Dama Gazelle (Gazella dama)

Wernery, U., Basker, V.J., Joseph, S. and Kinne, J., (2007)  An attenuated vaccine protects Houbara Bustards (Chlamydotis undulata) from systemic pox   Proc. European Assoc. Avian Veterinarians, Zurich. Pp 86-93.E. Obon, T.A. Bailey, A. Di Somma, C. Silvanose, D. O'Donovan, S. Mc Keown,  S. Joseph and  U. Wernery, (2007) Seroprevalence of H5 avian Influenza virus in birds from the United Arab EmiratesProc. European Assoc. Avian Veterinarians, Zurich. Pp 424-427.Wernery, U., T. Kettle, M. Moussa, H. Babiker and J. Whiting, West Nile Fever in the United Arab Emirates.

Wernery, U. (2008), Fatal pollution, CVRL, UAE. ( Download - 1.2 MB ) ( Preview )
J. Kinne, S. Oliveros, S. Joseph, R. Manvell and U. Wernery (2007) Severe outbreak of pox in captive Houbara Bustards (Chlamydotis undulata undulata) in Morocco. Proc. European Assoc. Avian Veterinarians, Zurich. Pp 94-101. ( Download - 268.81 KB ) ( Preview )
Rostami, A, Dehghan, M. M., Masoudifard, M., Memarian, I., Shahi Ferdous, M. M., The Report of Periapical Abscess in Carnassial Tooth in an Eurasian Lynx (Lynx lynx) ( Download - 449.71 KB ) ( Preview )

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